Our Incredible Waterbom Bali Review and 7 Top Tips

Use our Waterbom Bali review to make the most of your day out, a must do attraction in Bali. Bali has beautiful weather, swimming, food and fun. Waterbom Bali combines all these activities into an unforgettable day for your family. It’s excellent value for money – an action-packed day and your kids will be guaranteed to sleep well that night.

We’re a family of 6 travelling around the globe and we’ve rated this as one of our top activities. Our Waterbom Bali review really is that good. We found it actually was better than all the hype!

Kids play area at Waterbom Bali review
The small kids play area at Waterbom Bali – Epic!

How do you get there and the logistics

Waterbom Bali is based in Kuta. From our accommodation in Sanur it is an easy Gojeck ride although the traffic in Bali can be problematic. Leave early enough for opening time (9am) as you can easily fill a day here and you don’t want to be stuck in traffic. We easily found a Gojeck home so no problem at that end of the day either. There’s a big pick up and drop off spot for this purpose at the entrance.

You can get a 1 day or a 2 day pass, or the Great Day pass which has a few extra’s thrown in. We went for the 1-day pass and would recommend it. Unless you’re a diehard waterpark fan, there’s a lot of other great things to do in Bali.

You can hire lockers for the day – 1 large locker was enough for our family of 6. We used it for our valuables and claimed a few deckchairs for the towels etc. Just take your towels, sunscreen, bug spray, water – usual stuff for a day at the pools.

A nice feature is they load cash onto a wrist band so you can buy food and drinks easily on the go without having to go back to your locker. You will have to pay a refundable deposit for these upon entry. Any unspent money is refunded in cash when you exit.

Pricing Information

You can pre-purchase tickets online direct with Waterbom Bali which gets you a 10% discount or pay full price when you arrive on the day. These tickets are for a set day and are not refundable. Tickets are also available on Klook and other online apps which will give you a fractionally lower price and would add to your reward points if you are a regular user of the app. Klook tickets are also refundable and have a flexible window in which you can use your ticket. Perfect if you haven’t got a set holiday itinerary.

We opted to book direct online with Waterbom, buying them the night before – it was a seamless process! All up for our family of 6 it cost around $157 USD.

Our Waterbom Bali Review

I’ve broken our Waterbom Bali review into a few categories below:

  • Aesthetics 10/10. This place is superbly looked after. Maintenance has been kept up though the covid dip unlike other places we’ve been to.
  • Rides 9/10. There are so many options. A small kids area, big slides for older kids and adults, and so much in-between, such as the lazy river. The only complaint is they are hyper vigilant on height restrictions for each ride. Our 10 and 12-year-olds were not allowed on the small kid’s area with our 4 and 7-year-olds. This meant it was harder to play in the same place and we had to split up a bit. There are pools that accommodate us all, but it meant moving away from the amazing kids play area. They are so vigilant; they have people standing with rain jackets on enforcing the rules at all times. At this point in our holiday our 7-year-old was not confident on the big slides but she is quite tall and wasn’t allowed on any of the slides in the kids’ pool either. She was content swimming in the kids area but the older kids had a more enjoyable day.
  • Queue’s 10/10. A big part of your enjoyment at a theme park is waiting times. I’m pleased to report, we queued for no longer than a few minutes max. Most rides we didn’t have to wait at all. Pick your day wisely; avoid weekends, school and public holidays and you will help ensure you get the best experience. We were there at the end of October, which is low season in Bali. I imagine it would be much busier between May – September and December – January.
  • Food 8/10. Slightly higher than normal prices as you would expect. They have a wide variety of Western and Asian food and plenty of seating. Restaurants are dotted around the pools and 1 pool has a swim up bar – a good spot for an orange juice (or beer) to refuel.
  • Fun 10/10. The pinnacle of our Waterbom Bali review… what a day! The kids were going down the rides right down to closing time where we had to pull them away for a dinner and a donut for dessert before we headed off home. Their confidence grew as the day went on building up to the bigger rides. There were several extreme rides that our kids didn’t try but would be perfect for the adventurous adult or teen. This would be different if we had big wait times for the rides, but it wasn’t for us!

Top tips from Waterbom Bali Review

  1. Start with the smaller rides and build up to the bigger ones. This helped the kids build their confidence throughout the day and made them want to tackle the big scary looking rides on their own.
  2. Take sunscreen. There is a lot of shade, but there’s also some very big pools with no shade and you will be running between rides a lot.
  3. Take insect repellant. It’s a jungle like environment with trees everywhere for shade. When you’re having a relaxing break on a deck chair, the last thing you want is to be fending off mozzies.
  4. Hire a locker. You move around the waterpark a lot and while it’s easy to leave towels and other pool type stuff lying around the locker worked well for our valuables for a stress-free day. The money wrist bands are also ingenious.
  5. There is a Flowrider pool, but this costs extra. All the time slots fill up quickly so if you want to give it a good book early in the day.
  6. Check the height restrictions to see if the waterslides suit your children’s stage and age.
  7. If you are going in the low season keep an eye out for online specials either through the Waterbom website or apps like Klook. There was a half price deal in November that we just missed out on!

Thanks for reading our Waterbom Bali review. We hope you have an amazing day like we did!

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