The Courageous Adults Guide to Berjaya Times Square Theme Park – 6 Top Tips

Kids love fun and Berjaya Times Square Theme Park has it in dizzying bucket loads. The biggest indoor theme park in Malaysia is such an unexpected surprise. We’ve been to many theme parks in our 12 month world trip and this one still ranks in the top 5, behind Disneyland Paris, Waterbomb Bali, Legoland Jahor, with Pororo Aqua Park in Bangkok rounding out the top 5. If you have kids and are in Kuala Lampur, Berjaya Times Square Theme Park should be high on your list!

Covering floors 5-8 of the Berjaya Times Square Mall, it’s a real sight to behold and the air conditioning is excellent making it a nice heat break. It’s not cheap but given we spent 5 hours there it was money well spent. Our kids are aged 4-12 and there was a great mix of rides for them all. They are very strict on their height requirements but there’s a good range of activities for those under 140cm.

Berjaya Times Square theme park toys

You can buy reasonably priced food at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, but it’s very much the fried food / ice cream range. Not the healthiest, but your kids will love it.

If you’re on IG, check out our Reel here. For up to date pricing go to the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park page.

Our Tips for Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

  1. Be prepared for noise. Being indoors it really intensifies all the sounds (it’s inside a 19 story shopping mall!). If you child has noise sensitivities or gets overwhelmed easily give it a miss.
  2. Go on a weekday. It was so quiet and there were no lines at all so the kids really maximized their ride times. It’s open 12pm – 8pm (11am – 8pm on the weekends). I am told the weekends are very busy!
  3. Check the height restrictions. They are on the stricter side – The Rollercoaster, Bumper Cars and Spinning Orbit are 140cm and over. The next rides down are 130cm and over then it’s really only rides for young children – so if your child is on the shorter side but likes thrilling rides it might not be a good match!
  4. Extras charges. To name a few, Lockers are 10MR (must be used), Haunted House is 20RM, Kids playground 8RM and Carnival Games (10MR approx) all reasonable but it does add up.
  5. The two spinning rides – Ooorts Express and Dizzy Izzy are brutal! Our kids loved them, but they go for ages! If you have a weak stomach steer clear. We saw multiple people vomiting afterwards (I was nearly one of them!)
  6. Getting there. The Imbi Monorail station is right out front of the mall or as a family of 6, we used Grab as it was more cost effective and quicker. 7 seater cars are readily available in Kuala Lumpur
Bumper cars

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